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It’s my blog and I’ll emote if I want to … emote if I want to …

A random title for a rather random day. Tonight I went to my first Marton Community Meeting and became a member. I may have made an impression by the end of the meeting but I’m not convinced that it was an entirely positive one. :D My intention was to be quiet, observe and learn – […]

Weekly Summary & Progress

It certainly wasn’t my intention on writing this post at the end of the night. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy making raffle tickets for Marton Plunket and I am ashamed to admit that it took me the majority of 4 hours to simply add the serial numbers to the tickets and get them printed off. On […]


Oh dear! Daylight savings ended early this morning and it being a Sunday I was hoping to catch up on some missed sleep today. That hasn’t happened so I am incredibly tired and it’s a whole hour before I generally go to bed (two hours if you remember I haven’t adapted yet), yet I can […]

Easter Egg Stitching Activity

I saw this easter themed embroidery on Craftzine today, and since Sam is currently a little obsessed with the movie Springtime with Roo (to the point, she’s initiated bouts of Spring Cleaning – not that I’m complaining) and she has enjoyed the small amounts of handsewing we’ve done together, I thought she might be interesting […]


Sneaking in a blogpost before the end of day. Us Southern Hemisphereians are seriously underrepresented online. Everything seems to be about Spring Cleaning, New Growth and don’t even get me started about the whole Easter fiasco. My newsfeed always seems to be 6 months out of whack; I’ve got my heater out and looking regretfully […]